Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport (IATA code: CLO, OACI code: SKCL) located in Palmaseca , in the nearby city of Palmira, Valle del Cauca, which serves the city of Cali for national and international flights. Cali has also a transport terminal for ground access to the city coming from other local cities and from neighbor countries.

The zoo of Cali is an animal’s park founded in 1969 and which is located in the Colombian city of Santiago de Cali. The park is placed within the municipal forest and on the banks of the Cali River, it has about 2500 animals of 233 species, 12 amphibians (7%), mammals (21%), reptiles (12%), birds , fish (21%) and butterflies (9%). It has been recognized as the fourth best zoo in Latin America.

It is a soccer stadium located in the Colombian city of Cali. Both, the stadium and the sports complex, were one of the most complete and modern sports complexes in Latin America during the fifties and to the seventies, therefore the city was labeled as the “Sports Capital of America”.

La Tertulia Museum is an art museum, the first of modern art and with the most important collection of works on paper in the country, located in the city of Cali.

It is the main square of the city of Cali, in the Valle del Cauca. It was known as La Plaza Mayor during the colonial period, until 1813 which was called Plaza de la Constitución.

The Church of La Ermita is a Catholic temple located in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Originally a straw-bale building from the early seventeenth century, established in the vicinity of the Cali River.

It is an archaeological museum dedicated to the Calima culture located in the historic center of Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

It is located where the city of Santiago de Cali was founded. It is made up of the main building of the church dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, and the auxiliary chapels dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies and the Christ of Lateran, a religious convent, a museum of religious art and the archaeological museum. In February 1975, the convent was declared a National Monument.

In the 1970s it was decided to restore the complex of La Merced. The National Popular Bank, through its Fund for the Promotion of Culture (FPC) sponsored it by exchange of another space of the city where the first hospital of the city use to work.

Handled by the Franciscan community of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. It was built between the 18th and 19th centuries in the heart of the city. It consists of the convent of San Joaquin, the chapel of the Immaculate, the Mudéjar tower, the church of San Francisco and a museum of religious art.

A place where collectors from all over the world come to be amazed by the monthly exhibits of up to 180 different types of orchids. It is located in the La Merced neighborhood in Cali and it is appreciated for its architecture, which brings to mind the old sugar cane trapiches of Valle del Cauca. There is also a permanent display of trees and a nursery.

A coastal town near Buenaventura port (south port of Colombia) where the sea meets the sky in dreamy sunsets, it holds the Ecopark Theme Iguanas Verdes, a community effort to revive tourism. The Ecoparque which covers four hectares, is part of the habitat of the black community of Bazán, “who designed ecological trails to teach the tourists their way of living, their fauna and flora, and how their culture has become.” It also has beautiful beaches which attracts many tourists.

Located in Malaga Bay, one hour by boat from Buenaventura Port, which is located in the south of the Colombian Pacific, where there are flowing rivers, and fishing villages that live in the middle of a dense forest of mangroves and with the rhythm of marimba´s drum. Between Buenaventura and Malaga Bay there are immense beaches of great beauty, culture and tradition, which are commonly visited by tourists.

A flora and fauna rich place in the south of Colombia by the pacific sea, which is located inside the Uramba Bay Malaga Natural National Park.

It is the last beach after Pianguita, Juanchaco and Ladrilleros. To get to this beautiful beach you have to go by boat and then take ground transportation. There are several hostals nearby to stay and ecological trails so you can admire vegetation and biodiversity of the place. There is also whale watching once a year when migration moves occurs.

Its real name is “Protective Forest Reserve of the Rivers Escalarete and San Cipriano”, the reserve has an extension of 8564 hectares and to arrive it is necessary to get to Cordoba a town that is 20 km before arriving to Buenaventura´s port, after 20 more minutes the reserve can be reached by wheel trolleys pulled with motorcycles on the old railways. In the reserve, we find deep pools and transparent waters, waterfalls, great diversity of fauna and flora, typical dishes of the region, fruits and local liquors and kind and respectful people.

It is a pedestrian monument that is located in the city of Santiago de Cali, capital of the Valle del Cauca. It is a homage to the conqueror Sebastian de Belalcazar, who founded the city in 1536 and it is one of the most iconic monuments of the city.

It is a work of the painter and sculptor Hernando Tejada which he donated to the city of Cali, Colombia, and which was installed on the bank of the river of the city, in the northwest sector of the city, known as Normandia.

It is located in 1st street of the city. It was built as a tribute to the Colombian sportsmen, it has different sports disciplines, and was made in quartz and blackboard by the sculptor from Cartagena Hector Lombana Piñeres and installed in May 16, 1997.

Restaurants and Bars

Some of the bests places to enjoy delicious food and drinks in the city: Platillos Voladores, The Market Cali, Antigua Contemporánea Café, Teatro Mágico Del Sabor, El Falso Olivo, La Comitiva, La Cocotte, Azul, Tizones, Restaurante Zumaia, Restaurante Hacienda del Bosque, Restaurante La Cocina, Restaurante Carambolo, Restaurante Pacifico, Cantina La 15, El Escudo del Quijote, Restaurante Mansión del Río, Restaurante Mochika, Restaurante Sonoma, Gastroteca, Vinos del Rio, Restaurante La Zarzuela, Rodizio D Enero,

Shopping Centres

Cali offers a variety of shopping places and malls with local and also international brands as: Pryca Shopping Center, Cosmocentro Shopping Center, Palmetto Plaza Shopping Center, Chipichape Shopping Center, La Estación Shopping Center, Centenario Shopping Center, El Tesoro Shopping Center, Centrosur Plaza, Exito San Fernando, Único Shopping Center, Unicentro Shopping Center, Jardin Plaza Shopping Center, El Diamante Shopping Center, Pacific Mall