5 Places You Have to visit When Coming To Cali – Colombia


When holiday season arrive, there is nothing better than taking a good break, going across new roads or returning to the nicest, and definitely, the capital of Valle del Cauca is a place to visit as many times as possible. The following five (5) are places within Cali and its surrounding areas that are worth living and experience:

  1. San Antonio´s Hill: it is one of the most preferred plans by the citizens, national and foreign tourists. This place gathers different activities as enjoying pleasant days of storytellers on Fridays and Saturdays, eating a good piece of corncob under the breeze of the sunsets in the city, appreciating classic cars on Thursdays, and gastronomic offerings in its surroundings, accompanied by an incomparable view of the city in the afternoon and evening.
  2. La Tertulia Modern Art Museum: for art lovers, this museum has an exclusive architecture and strategic location in the west of the city, it offers artistic and photographic exhibitions for the most demanding spectators. In addition to a great program about cinema, music and other cultural areas that will attract children and adults.
  3. Panamerican Fields: In this traditional place (funded in the early 1970s), you can spend a good time under the soft breeze of Cali, accompanied by one of the  characteristic products of the department: “cholao”, a fruit salad served with scraped ice, condensed milk and colored syrups.
  4. Cerro de las Tres Cruces: it is a historical place of the City. Located in the district of Montebello, it is ideal to enjoy the eternal landscape of the capital of Vallecaucan, and ideal for sports activities, which by the way, are often practiced by locals and visitors.
  5. Restaurant Racamandapa: is an incomparable tourist and gastronomic destination. Located in the district of Dapa, in the north exit of the City, and with a cold weather. This restaurant has a wide range of gastronomy in which stand out the typical dishes of the region. There are also presentations and special activities, and an incomparable view of the capital of Valle del Cauca, which shows its greatest splendor at dusk. Racamandapa is a fully recommended place to visit.

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